Servicing Off-Road film and photography productions

battery charging

240V outlets to charge all battery types.

Satellite Internet

Be connected no matter the remote location.

Coffee Machine

Quality coffee on hand at anytime.

seats and Shelter

Comfort and protection for all crew and clients.

Battery Charging

240V power for all battery & equipment charging. No need to be near a town or carry around heavy, noisy generators. 

Spend more time on location getting the shots you need.


Satellite Internet

High speed, low latency broadband internet in all remote locations. Instant access for work and emails. You can even post those amazing photos straight to Insta.

Coffee Machine

Quality coffee any time of the day. As many as the client or crew need. Forget having to be close to cafes. 

Seats & Shelter

Protection from the elements with comfy outdoor seating.

Drinks & Snacks

Enough drinks and snacks to last for days in any remote place.


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